Getting into the Groove with Productivity


A 4-hour highly interactive and practical personal productivity workshop that focuses on creating keystone habits to get things done excellently.

Highlights of the workshop:
  • Fundamentals and applications of personal productivity
  • Managing our personal workflow
  • Optimising the use of digital calendars
  • Creating keystone habits for personal productivity
  • Digital Decluttering
  • 30-day habit challenge
The workshop is for anyone who can relate to this:

"We are constantly barraged with THINGS TO DO, and we feel frustrated that we're getting very LITTLE DONE. And even after getting some things done, we feel EXHAUSTED and disconnected from LIFE most of the time."


  • Classroom setup with tables and chairs in an airconditioned room.

  • Projected presentation on big screen and white board as teaching aids.

  • 30-minute lunch break at 11:30am.

  • 5-minute break every 30 mins for the first 2 hours and for the last hour.

  • 30-minute buffer for Q&A and overtime.

An overview of Klone, the workshop organiser.

Klone is a registered sole proprietorship in Singapore focused on personal productivity training, coaching and services. It runs on a social enterprise model where for every paid workshop conducted, a free workshop is offered to the non-profit and social enterprise sectors in Singapore and the Philippines. Paying organisations and individuals, in this manner, are sponsoring a group from these non-paying sectors.

Speaker’s bio:

Jo-e Blanding is a mature learner according to Gallup’s Strengths Center. She is also one who loves cultivating the potential in people. Professionally, she has had 10 years of work experience in sales, marketing, training, and consulting for high-technology companies namely Canon and MSI-ECS in the Philippines, and Quadmark Pte Ltd in Singapore consulting for brands including Hewlett-Packard and Google.

In 2015, she spent over 500 hours researching, developing and applying theories and strategies from productivity gurus like David Allen and Michael Sliwinski among others. Capitalizing on her passions and experiences, she designed two productivity programs called “Getting into the Groove with Productivity” and “Digital Decluttering for Productivity”. She then started her own company in Singapore called KLONE that specialises in personal productivity and technology coaching, hoping to lead people to more productive lifestyles and purpose-driven lives.

Jo-e is also the founder of Giving is Social, a non-profit movement based in Singapore that supports groups in the Philippines and Thailand through volunteer & support mobilisation. She is also a board member of the non-profit groups U! Happy Events and Rehoboth Children’s Home in the Philippines.

She lives in Singapore with her husband, Michael David Blanding, who is also a productivity enthusiast and a corporate social responsibility practitioner for a hotel company.

For more info: https://sg.linkedin.com/in/jpblanding

Testimonies from participants of “Getting into the Groove” Workshop in Manila on February 1, 2016:

Since Feb-3, I have been planning my day through a checklist. So far, I’ve been accomplishing tasks more than ever, plus I have an additional list to do by next week already!

The 2-minute rule (I always tag it as the 2-minute miracle) helps me to accomplish tasks faster and keeps my memory intact with the things I have to do. Last night, my husband Third commented that he’s proud of me excelling in this area and said that I am already improving especially on buying things from the grocery store!

We’ve been putting our phones away every morning and we plan to buy a real alarm clock instead.

I also included in my calendar that I wouldn’t watch TV unless almost all of the things I have to do are already accomplished!

I plan to share this with our scholars and my discipleship group next week so they can form new habits too and become more excellent!”

- Kate Kho, campus missionary, Every Nation Philippines

“Thanks so much Jo-e for the workshop! My new habit is not checking my phone when I wake up in the morning, including email, facebook and instagram. I decided to add not checking or watching CNN (since I am a news addict!) until 8am every day. I did it on Feb-2 & 3 and had such an amazingly peaceful morning which was 100% more tuned into God!!! I had a brief relapse this morning when I woke up and reflexively reached for the remote and turned on CNN… but then I remembered the 30-day challenge and turned it off…!!! Tonight I will hide the remote so that it is not within arm’s reach of my bed… haha!!! I am also going to start using my Fitbit as my alarm clock instead of my cellphone so that I do not see any notifications when I turn off my alarm clock.”

- Lynn Nawata, trainer, Day2 International

“I am ready for the 30-day challenge! No notifications in my iPad to focus on what I am doing. Hiding my cellphone so that I will not look at it first things in the morning and while talking to someone or in a meeting. Planning my day, waking up early and observing my 7-8 hours of sleep. Not to be late in my schedule and appointments. I will declutter my table, clost, iPad and cellphones. I will not multi-task but focus for at least 20 minutes with that I am doing. Keep a calendar, file, put reminders on the things that clutter my mind and check them once ina while. We can do it!!!”

- Lei Garcia, campus missionary, Every Nation Philippines

Sat May 21, 2016
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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10th floor Hall C, 2 Kallang Ave, CT Hub @ Kallang, Singapore 339407
Workshop Fee SOLD OUT $30.00
Group of 3 SOLD OUT $60.00
Venue Address
10th floor Hall C, 2 Kallang Ave, CT Hub @ Kallang, Singapore 339407 Singapore
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